Coffee Obsession

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Coffee Obsession - 1 Coffee Obsession - 2 Coffee Obsession - 3

Anette Moldvaer’s first book ‘Coffee Obsession’, covers everything you need to know about coffee! A definitive guide covering all aspect of coffee - from how it grows to how it gets to us, what to look for when you buy, and how to brew it - ‘Coffee Obsession’ is a must-read.

With 17 years of experience in coffee, Anette guides you through the basics but also takes more in depth looks at areas such as producing countries and tasting.

A major section of the book is dedicated to 35 of the main countries that grow the coffee we drink.  Like an encyclopedia it serves as a reference of their history, botanical varieties and harvesting cycles, complete with facts, figures and beautifully drawn maps of growing regions.

Starting with the story of how coffee spread around the world, followed by explanations of species and varieties through to the processes at farm and mill level, the book leads you into learning how to taste coffee the way industry professionals do. You'll be guided through how to describe what you taste by Anette's own flavour wheel.

In addition to covering topics such as roasting, water quality, correct grinding and decaf, this book will equip you with all the knowledge and tools you need to make informed decisions on how to buy the best coffee and how to prepare it.

Learn about various home brewing methods such as the french press, drip and cloth brewers, aeropress, syphon, stove top, cold drip, ibrik and phin, as well as how to make espresso, steam milk and pour latte art.

Full of illustrations, step by step instructions and practical information, this book makes coffee knowledge accessible for everyone whether you take yours black, or with syrup and whipped cream!

UK edition, hardback, 224 pages
Published in the US and UK by Dorling Kindersley