Gichathaini AB

Gichathaini AB - 1
Tasting Notes


Our final lot from the Gichathaini factory is the AB, what a great example of grading, showcasing how each lot is different! While this does have the classic fruity notes of a Kenyan coffee we found the fresh green apple and stone fruits very apparent and the berry flavours to come through like a candied version of nature, delicious! 

Weight 350G

Country KENYA

Region NYERI


Varieties SL28, SL34

Process WASHED

Altitude 1600-1800 MASL

Landed JUNE

Gichathaini AB - 1

In Gatundu, about a 10 minute drive outside the town of Karatina in Nyeri, you can find the Gichathaini factory and the 900 local farmer members who deliver their cherries to this co-op. One of the most forward thinking and consistently successful factories in Kenya, Gichathaini have invested well in improving both the living standards and agricultural practices among their members. Preserving the natural resources is also a cornerstone of their work. In order to save electricity, water for processing is channelled in from the Ragati river, recirculated and disposed of in several soaking pits away from the natural water sources. The pulp left from the processing is moved to a dedicated storage structure where the farmers can collect it to use as mulch on their farms, improving the soil structure and nutrition.