Tano Ndogo AA

Tano Ndogo AA -
Tasting Notes

Sweet pineapple notes precede cloudy lemonade flavours and a silky smooth mouthfeel in this coffee from the Tano Ndogo farmers group, a new supplier for us, and hopefully the first of many coffees!

Weight 350G

Country KENYA


Producers TANO NDOGO

Varieties SL28, SL34

Process WASHED

Altitude 1,850 MASL

Landed JULY

Tano Ndogo AA - 1

We’re very excited to receive Tano Ndogo AA, not only does it have a stunning cup profile but also an interesting sourcing approach. The newly formed farmer’s group is composed of three brothers from the Muuru family, alongside two neighbours from the same village. The name Tano Ndogo means “small five” in Swahili, to represent the five founding members. The Muuru brothers inherited their farms in 2001 when their father passed away, and each has a 3.3-acre block. While the neighbours, Gichega Farm and Kariru estate, just north of the same town are of similar sizes. Traditionally coffees are traded in Kenya’s auction houses, Tano is different though, whereby they sell directly to an exporter which ensures they receive a higher percentage of the final sale price of their coffee.

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