Red Brick

Seasonal Espresso

This blend is all about really enjoying the best lots of coffee that are in season right now.  We want to combine great fruit qualities from each of the components, and their sweetness which comes from the careful and hard work of the producers involved.

This is our current seasonal espresso blend. Right now the blend is composed of 2 different lots of coffee from 2 different origins.


Weight 350G


Red Brick - 1

The La Serrania is sweet like treacle and toffee but also has some fresh fruit notes that balance it out like peaches, lime and zesty fresh cranberries. In the finish there’s just a hint of vanilla. The Santa Ana adds a creamy, buttery mouthfeel with notes of cherries, pomegranate, hazelnuts and a sweetness like marzipan.


We would recommend the following recipe as a starting point:

Dose: 19 grams

Brew temperature: 201ºF-202ºF/94ºC-94.5ºC

Brew time: 28-30 sec

Total Volume: approx 50ml

Brew weight: 34-36 grams

This profile and recipe was developed on a Synesso Hydra with VST 20g baskets – so should be taken as a starting point, and not an absolute as different machines extract in different ways.

The recommended baskets for this espresso recipe are the VST 20g.