Red Brick

Seasonal Espresso
Red Brick - 1
Tasting Notes


This blend is all about really enjoying coffee that is in season right now.  We've combined the great fruit qualities from each component, and allowed the sweetness to shine. The careful and hard work of all producers involved is evident in our current seasonal espresso.



Weight 350G

Red Brick - 1

Our current seasonal blend is composed of 2 different lots of coffee from 2 different origins. 30% Kangunu (Kenya) and 70% El Sur (Costa Rica).

The Kangunu factory was started in 1966 and mainly receives coffee from the nearby villages of Gicera, Gichiche, Gaciari, Kamica, and Kathera. A total of about 700 members who each have farms with an average of 250 trees bring their fresh picked cherry to the factory once or twice per week. The flavour is full of blackcurrant, gooseberry, licorice and blood orange notes, with a syrupy body.

The El Sur is a selection from the Puente Tarrazu mill, ran by 6 producer partners who process their own coffees as well as coffees from neighbouring farms. The taste reminds us of chocolate , caramel, grapes and clementines, and it has a refreshing acidity and a delicate texture.


We would recommend the following recipe as a starting point:

Dose: 19 grams

Brew temperature: 201ºF-202ºF/94ºC-94.5ºC

Brew time: 28-30 sec

Total Volume: approx 50ml

Brew weight: 34-36 grams

This profile and recipe was developed on a Victoria Arduino VA388 Black Eagle with VST 20g baskets – so should be taken as a starting point, and not an absolute as different machines extract in different ways.

The recommended baskets for this espresso recipe are the VST 20g.