Seasonal Espresso
Sweetshop -

The idea behind our Sweetshop blend is simple: combine sweet and characterful coffee to create a fun, wildly complex and fruit-driven espresso.

This isn’t about balance and it certainly isn’t about tradition. This is about cramming as much fruit and fun into the cup as possible. We want an espresso that doesn’t taste like anything else.

*To optimise our blend, component percentages are subject to change.



Region KAFA


Roast Level MEDIUM


Country KENYA

Region EMBU

Process WASHED

Roast Level MEDIUM

Sweetshop - 1

Bursting into 2023 with a bang, Sweetshop brings together a naturally processed Ethiopian coffee, Dahab from Tula in Kafa, and Kiungu from Embu County in Kenya. A Sweetshop blend dreams are made of; we love the sticky texture and intense fruitiness you get in the cup.

Oozing sweet, jammy swag, Dahab is a first-time purchase from the far-out west province of Kafa. Coming from a well-established estate, Diamond Enterprise, the farm is owned and managed by Dahab Mesfin. With a focus on natural and honey-processed coffees, Dahab has successfully put her stamp on the speciality market with magical coffees like this lot.

Bright and wildly delicious, some of you might remember Kiungu from last season. Located East of the Central Kenyan standbys like Nyeri and Kirinyaga, Embu experiences a biannual production cycle. Unlike the "main crop" Kenyan coffees we're accustomed to, this lot was harvested between May and August. Brought to us by Vava Coffee Kenya, Kiungu is produced at the Kathima factory, which falls under the Thambana Cooperative Society. With 1400 active members, most member farmers have an average of 130 - 200 coffee trees that they grow alongside other crops such as tea, passion fruit and flowers.