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Built on the same concept as our Red Brick Espresso Blend, The Filter Blend is seasonal, versatile and classic Square Mile. Clean, balanced and medium-bodied; a kind, welcoming coffee to wake-up to The Filter Blend offers the perfect all-day every-day brew and embodies all we love about speciality coffee. An absolute delight, you’ll want to keep a bag in the cupboard to always have delicious coffee in the house. 


Country PERU

Region CUSCO

Process WASHED


Country PERU


Process WASHED

The Filter Blend - 1

To translate our vision of that reliably delicious and delightful cup, we've turned to Peru for this iteration of The Filter Blend! A 50/50 split, La Danta from Cajamarca adds a dash of pear sparkle to the toffee sweetness of Siete Tinajas.

Creamy and delightful Siete Tinajas comes to us from Cusco, in southern Peru. A community lot with 63 contributing smallholders, the coffee takes its name from the famous waterfall translated as 7 Jars. An area known for its pristine nature, warm people and perfect coffee-growing climate, it is no surprise that Siete Tinajas is so delicious.

With praline at its heart, Siete Tinajas offers a warming comfort that is elevated by the clean, juicy, pear notes of La Danta. Locally known as the mountain Danta, this coffee is named after the endangered Andean Tapir. The group of 74 smallholders see the conservation of nature as their first priority. To them, protecting their environment goes hand in hand with the calibre coffee they produce - a quality you can almost taste in the clarity of the cup.

A delightfully tasty, welcoming cup of comfort, this iteration of The Filter Blend tastes like the soft shimmering rays of morning sunlight.

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