Welcome to the Square Mile Coffee Roasters webshop. Below are our current offerings that will be updated as the seasons change and new crops arrive, or as we add new items of equipment for home brewing.

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  • Recreio £13.00



    While we have the naturally processed Recreio as an espresso, this lot is pulped natural process giving a delish filter...

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  • La Ventaja £13.50

    La Ventaja

    Nicaragua Espresso

    Our first Nicaraguan of the season and starting it with a bang, La Ventaja's creamy macadamia body, sweet golden syrup...

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  • El Altico £17.50

    El Altico

    Another new farm for us, Cesar from El Altico has produced a stunner. Crisp toffee apples and orange acidity with...
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  • Vitaliano Merino £22.50

    Vitaliano Merino


    Another unique and exciting filter coffee from Ecuador, this one hints more towards a Kenyan with redcurrant jelly sweetness and...

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  • Huye Mountain £16.00

    Huye Mountain


    Another new producer, Huye Mountain gives distinct notes of guava, accompanied by a pleasing cherry and cacao underlay with a creamy...

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  • El Diamante £13.50

    El Diamante


    Another fantastic coffee from Peru, this time from the Lima Coffee cooperative in San Ignacio. Full of nectarines and figs rounded off by...

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  • Magwila £16.00


    Tanzania espresso

    We're very excited to have this coffee from Tanzania! Grown in the Mbozi region, Magwila shows notes of blackcurrant and...

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  • Amaluza £15.00



    Ecuador shows a lot of potential when it comes to speciality coffee and we are very excited to be sharing this with...

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  • Red Brick £10.50

    Red Brick

    Seasonal Espresso

    As the crops change, so do the components of our Red Brick, highlighting harvest cycles and celebrating the seasonality of...

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  • Sweetshop £15.50


    Seasonal Espresso

    The idea behind our Sweetshop blend is simple: combine sweet and characterful coffee to create a fun, wildly complex and...

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  • Decaf Espresso £13.50

    Decaf Espresso


    One of our returning favourites for many of our offerings is the Serrania from Colombia and this decaffeinated version is...

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