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Aeropress - 1 Aeropress - 2 Aeropress - 3 Aeropress - 4

The full immersion AeroPress by Aerobie™ is a simple and easy to use brewing technique giving a lovely clean cup with little fuss. Whether using it at home or whilst travelling it is a perfect partner to brew with.

Comes with 350 paper filters which need a good rinse before brewing, stirrer, measure and funnel. 

Ground coffee should be finer than french press but coarser than espresso, and of course freshly ground.

Experiment with different brewing techniques and water temperature's to get the best results.


1. We recommend using a ratio of 70g of coffee per litre of water.

2. Weigh out as much coffee as you need for the size of your brew.

3. Grind the coffee on a medium setting (similar to granulated sugar).

4. For best results, use filtered water with a low mineral content.

5. Boil the water then pour some through the filter to rinse and preheat the vessel. Discard the rinse water, then add coffee to the Aeropress.

6. We recommend placing the Aeropress on some weighing scales and tare to zero, so you can easily add the correct amount of water.

7. Pour just enough water onto the coffee to get it all wet, gently stir and then wait 30 seconds.

8. Add the rest of the water and insert the plunger creating a vacuum to stop the coffee from dripping into the cup.

9. Let the coffee brew for 1 and a half minutes, remove the plunger and give it another stir to knock down the grounds. Replace the plunger and press down gently for 30 seconds.